Love Island 2017

Hiya! I’m not even going to lie guys but this was my first year watching Love Island and I must say it was definitely “100% my type on paper” (apologies for the Love Island phrase haha). To be quite honest not watching Love Island wasn’t really much of a choice since so many people watch it. Who wants to be left out in all the hot conversations about what couple they like and dislike? Or who they think is acting rather “muggy” or like a total “melt.” Watching the new comers “grafting” after who they want to put “all their eggs in their basket” to is definitely very entertaining. 


I am happy that Kem & Amber are the Love Island winners! To be quite frank, Amber wasn’t my favourite person to begin with for multiple reasons but my perception of her has significantly changed. 

At the beginning of the season Marcel & Gabby were probably the public’s favourite couple and people loved Montana and Camilla too. I am surprised that things started going south for Marcel & Gabby so close to the end of the season. Was it the lie detector? Or Gabby not saying “I love you?” Who knows. 

My top 3 favourite moments of this season are (in no particular order):

  1. When Theo kindly suggested that Tyla should leave with her knight and shining armour, Jonny, if she genuinely liked him. I don’t disagree. I guess people could have the same argument about Dom & Jess.
  2. Although it’s not a specific moment but it’s definitely cute and memorable – Chris and Kem’s bromance! They are probably the most iconic duo now aha. Their relationship is definitely something special and I really hope they continue to be good friends. I think most of us wanted them to recouple as a couple and win the show.
  3. Montana was my favourite girl at the beginning of the series probably because she appeared to have came on Love Island to develop a strong connection with… FOOD! Montana seemed to be on Love Island for the free holiday and had no interest in finding a guy. It was so funny to watch. I was happy when she finally found her guy, Alex. 

What on earth will us Love Island watchers do now that our 21:00 show is over?! Can season 4 just start tomorrow aha? Let me know who your favourite couple was this year by commenting down below. 

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