Summer 2017!

Hiya! After counting down the days until summer I can safely say it’s here (ish). I mean I live in England, we don’t usually get much of a summer. It typically consists of rain and the temperature being 18 degrees Celsius and that’s on a good day. When we get those sunny hot days and the sun is radiating our bodies with 28 degree heat we have to be grateful because it’s a rarity. 
I have made a list of activities I want to do during summer break (which started a week ago for me) and I can say I have ticked of a grand total of… ONE! Just one! Shocking I know. This list is composed of 25 activities. I suppose I still have plenty of time. When I think about it, it’s going to be hard to incorporate going to the gym every other day and do all of these activities. There just simply aren’t enough days! 

For you curious minds out there, who are sitting there pondering “what’s on her list?” Here is a snippet of what I have planned: 

  • Attend an outdoor cinema
  • Go on a road trip to somewhere new 
  • Go to the spa
  • Learn to play an instrument 
  • Do a fundraising event for a charity

The list could continue. Those were just a few ideas to hopefully inspire you to try something new. Let’s make this summer the best summer yet!

Signing out,



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