Review: Pizza Express

Hiya! This evening I decided to try somewhere new and dine at Pizza Express. I adore pizza and I thought why not try somewhere new instead of the usual Pizza Hut. I’m not a food critic but I can definitely give my opinion on how nice a meal taste haha. 

The service:

When I arrived we had to wait for a few minutes for someone to greet us and direct us to a table. Shortly after being seated a waiter came over and took our order. Our food arrived about 15 minutes after ordering which I thought was quite good considering how many people were dining in the restaurant. I would give the service a 4/5.

The atmosphere:

The tables were really close together so I guess if you like that intimate feeling then you would like the setting. There wasn’t any background music so that brought the mood down a bit in my opinion. The restaurant was rather small so there wasn’t that many tables available so if you didn’t like the table they had to offer, tough! However, I like the fact that we could see our food getting prepared, it was quite fascinating to watch aha. I rate the atmosphere 3/5.


I don’t know where to begin! Oh the food! The glorious food! When my pizza was placed onto my table I devoured it. I ordered the ‘American’ pizza which was topped with pepperoni and mozzarella. The pizza base was thin and crispy and they were very generous with the toppings. I savoured every bite. I didn’t want it to end. I was surrounded by people that were cutting their pizzas with a knife and fork but not me! Sorry but I’ve never eaten a pizza using a knife and fork and I wasn’t about to start today. I can’t fully comprehend why I would want to eat a pizza with cutlery, I’ll stick to the good old fashion way haha. I give the food a massive 5/5.

Overall rating – 12/15. I would definitely recommend dining at Pizza Express sometime. I will be surely going there again sometime soon. Feel free to comment recommending any restaurants you like.

Signing out,



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