Addictive Apps

Hiya! I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve hardly posted. Nevertheless, in the few moments I had spare I found myself playing a few games on my phone which I have became slightly addicted to haha. I’m not usually one to play games on my phone but last week I decided to tap on my ‘arcade’ folder and play a few games. That was a big mistake of course because I often find myself saying “just one my level” or “I’ll just try it one more time.” Ten minutes later and I’m still playing haha. Who else has this problem? I thought I would share these slightly addictive games with you. (These apps are on the Apple App Store but I’m unsure if all of them are available on Google Play since I don’t have an adroid phone).

  • Colour Switch – this is probably at the top for most addicted. Anyone remember Flappy Bird? Well it kind of reminds me of that since it requires you to tap the screen in order for you to keep the ball moving. 
  • Garage Band – this app is only on iPhones and it came when I got my new phone but I must say, I do enjoy messing about on this app. I really enjoy playing the different instruments on there haha. 
  • Colour Round – I’m seriously good at this game! My high score is 156! Well I think that’s quite a good score haha. 
  • Pinterest – I know Pinerest isn’t a game but it can sometimes be slightly addictive. I’ve only just downloaded the app this week haha. I like to searching for autumn outfit ideas and looking at decorations.

So those are my slightly addictive apps that I have been using at lot this week. Try some one and tell me what you think down below. Also comment some of your favourite apps.

Signing out,



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