Summer Holiday Expectations vs Reality

Hiya! I hope you guys are enjoying your summer break. Unfortunately it is rapidly coming to an end. This summer has gone too fast! I am not ready to start studying again. I had so many summer plans that I wanted to do and they just haven’t happened. I even made a list of 25 things I wanted to do and I have completed a grand total of 4 haha! This is inspired me to do a holiday expectations vs reality post:

  • Expectation #1: you’re going to go out everyday. You and your friends are going to find an adventure everyday and your Snapchat stories are going to be lit. Reality: when you’re free your friends probably aren’t or they are busy and work and vise versa. You go out a couple times a week but most days you probably spend at home watching movies on Netflix. 
  • Expectation #2: you’re going to live one of those teenage romance movies where you someone fall in love. Reality: you see someone cute. You give them a smile. They looks at you awkwardly. They walk away.
  • Expectation #3: you’re going to attend the most amazing summer parties. Reality: either everyone is busy on holiday so they don’t host them or you’re simply not invited. Who even wanted to go anyway? Haha.
  • Expectation #4: you’ll get to wake up late everyday. Reality: your sleeping pattern is so messed up that you wake up at 6:53am and can’t go back to sleep because that’s the time you are use to waking up for college.
  • Expectation #5: you’re going to buy lots of cute clothes for the autumn because you’ve been working so much over the summer and you’ve been saving up. Your outfits are going to slay! Reality: yes you have been working at lot over the summer. But you have that voice in the back of your head whispering “save the money! Save the money!” So now you feel obligated to save a majority of the money you earnt and you only buy like 2 tops now. 

Now don’t get me wrong it is possible to meet your summer expectations but if you don’t that’s cool too because I don’t think many of us do haha. I know I didn’t meet all of mine but there’s always next year! 
Signing out,



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