About That Gym Life


Hiya! I hope you are all enjoying your day. For those of you who are like myself and are paying for a gym membership and can’t be bothered to travel to the gym sometimes, here is a little routine that I like to do at home to work on my abs. I’m working towards just getting a nice toned stomach (I don’t particularly want abs) so this little routine helps to work my abdominal area and burn off excess fat. This routine should last for about 10 minutes so it’s nice and quick. However, it is intense but you will gradually get use to it. 
Crunches – I tend to start off with crunches for about 50 seconds. *

Scissor kicks – for 50 seconds. *

Russian twists – for 50 seconds. *

Bicycle crunch – 50 seconds. *

Raised leg crunch – 50 seconds. *

Plank – 50 seconds. *

Sit ups – 50 seconds. *

Spider plank – 50 seconds. *

Reverse crunch + leg drop – 50 seconds. *

Up and down plank – 50 seconds. *

*Each exercise should be followed by a 10 second rest period.
I hope these exercises work for you. The work out is intense but if you need a longer rest period then adjust the workout to suit you. Comment down below if you have any tips on getting a toned stomach. 
Signing out,


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