My strawberry milkshake recipe

Hiya! This morning I woke up and I was craving one of my strawberry milkshakes. It gave me the idea to share my recipe with you guys. To be honest I don't usually measure things out I just keep adding until it taste how I want it to haha.  Wash and hull about 200 grams … Continue reading My strawberry milkshake recipe


Daily blog: picking strawberries 

Hiya! As I have mentioned in earlier posts I have a list of summer activities that I want to do and picking my own strawberries/fruit was one of them. Yesterday I finally got to.  There were so many other fruits and vegetables that you could pick too. There were blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, plums, cabbage - … Continue reading Daily blog: picking strawberries 

Review: Pizza Express

Hiya! This evening I decided to try somewhere new and dine at Pizza Express. I adore pizza and I thought why not try somewhere new instead of the usual Pizza Hut. I'm not a food critic but I can definitely give my opinion on how nice a meal taste haha.  The service: When I arrived … Continue reading Review: Pizza Express