Merry Christmas

  Hiya! It is currently Christmas Eve and here in the U.K we have 7 hours left until Christmas! I am a big kid when it comes to Christmas. I don't care how old I am, I will always be excited for Christmas. I wouldn't mind if it snowed a bit tomorrow evening. I have … Continue reading Merry Christmas



Hiya! It seems like forever since I last posted a blog post. I have been so busy these past few months. I celebrated my birthday in the beautiful city Paris! It was so amazing. it was literally my best birthday ever. I will post about it soon... Anyway, the past few weeks have really opened … Continue reading FriENDships

My advice to college first years

Hiya! Summer is coming to an end and a lot of people are going back to or starting school, college or university so I thought it would be a good time to give some advice and share my experiences. The first thing I would say is to definitely study/revise as early as possible. I know … Continue reading My advice to college first years

Summer Holiday Expectations vs Reality

Hiya! I hope you guys are enjoying your summer break. Unfortunately it is rapidly coming to an end. This summer has gone too fast! I am not ready to start studying again. I had so many summer plans that I wanted to do and they just haven't happened. I even made a list of 25 … Continue reading Summer Holiday Expectations vs Reality

5 life lessons I’ve learnt so far

Hiya! I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend. I know I have. I'm currently curled up on the sofa watching the Love Island reunion (I've been waiting all week to watch it aha). Earlier today someone asked me if I could give my younger self any advice what would it be so here we … Continue reading 5 life lessons I’ve learnt so far

Identifying fake friends from real friends

Hiya! Firstly I am going to apologise if this post ends up being rather long or it turns into a rant haha. Growing from being a child to a teenager to young adult you tend to learn life lessons along the way. I'll admit I've learnt a lot and I'm still learning. I've realised quite … Continue reading Identifying fake friends from real friends